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  1. Lightgrounds 1

    Lightgrounds 1


    Originally created by RA-4 Process

    C-print,  594x841mm

    Limited edition of 5, signed by artist


  2. Ever since making my first analogue photograph, I have been obsessed with how light and paper come together chemically and physically to make an image. The darkroom is my playground where I cut paper and play with the shadows it creates. I see this comically as my Cave, as in the Allegory of the Cave where Socrates emphatically asserts "To them, I said, the Truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of the images".  

    "There is no safelight, it's me, the paper, some cutting instruments turned dangerous in the dark, a couple of glow sticks. It's a dance, a performance, all in the feelingly darkness, captured chemically by the light and temperature sensitive surface of the paper"